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Outpatient Treatment - OPD

Available 24/7

Our Outpatient department is available department caters for both young and old.

Inpatient treatment

Available 24/7

Our Inpatient department is NHIF covered for those with valid membership.


Available 24/7

We have a fully stocked pharmacy with the highly qualified Pharmasists quide you on prescription.


24/7 open

Our laboratory is equiped with the best equipment to carry out majority of the test needed by consultants


24/7 available

Locally its known for on point reporting and imaging. Its among the best scanning center around.Try us now

Dental Unit

Availabe Mon-Sat 8AM -5PM

Get your dentures fixed, braces and whitening in our dental unit. Our rates are frexible and can be broken down to managable installments

Optical Unit

Availabe Mon-Sat 8AM -5PM

Welcome to a brighter redemption of vision in our facility. We are among the best vision and sight solution centers. Try us today.


Availabe Mon-Sat 8AM -5PM

We have a full set and equiped gym and price friendly charges. We accept NHIF payyments and other insurances

Mother, Child Healtcare -MCH

Availabe Mon-Sat 8AM -5PM

We offer treatment and consultation for both Mother and child wellfare. We have the vaccination and testing for the ill feeling children

Female Plan Clinic

Availabe Mon-Sat 8AM -5PM

Family planning allows couples to attain their desired number of children and determine the spacing of the pregnancies

Nutrition Clinic

Available Mon-Sat 8AM-5PM

The clinic offers nutritional counselling services, and treatment to help them manage their nutritional status and medical conditions for both OPD and Admitted patients.

Comprehensive Care Climic

Availabe Mon-Sat 8AM -5PM

This is a clinic concerning human HIV/AIDS status. It is an entry point to other services concerning human health.


24/7 open

So far as a hospital we have advanced in our theatre services. We have a well experienced and highly qualified theatre staff


24/7 available

This is a section in our hospital devoted to the care of women at childbirth and of their newborn infants

Farewell Home

24/7 available

A department in our facility where the bodies of dead persons are kept temporarily pending identification or release for burial or autopsy